Launch Pad Gallery: Featuring the work of local emerging artists.

30″ x 30 x 30”

Launch Pad's One Year Anniversary Show!!!

Entitled ”30 x 30 x 30” this is a big ole’ group show and retrospective of our first year now complete. Featuring one 30” by 30” piece by 30 of Launch Pad’s favorite artists, volunteers and benefactors; the work will be priced in $30 increments, to add to the numismatic synchronicity of the show.

Launch Pad Gallery would like to send loving thanks to everyone who has been to this wonderful space, and would like to encourage those who have not been here for a while to come back and help us celebrate this show, and future shows.

Participating Artists:
Jeremy Pelley, Julia Blackburn, Trevis Pocket, Leah Goldman, Hannah Bates, Ben Milam, Andrew Engelhorn, Ry Basko, Rochelle Koivunen, Brent Wear, Vicky Frankland, Kathleen Simpson, Michelle McKay, Nicholas Typaldos, Jennifer Gleach, Robin Corbo, Remedios Rapoport, Robin Lehto, Jennifer Mercede, Emily Franz, Jaik Faulk, Jessica Hassler, Todd Kurtzman, Darcy Dziedzic, Anna Martinez, Faith Jennings, Shira Loa, Dan DeLuz, Damon Ayers and Richard Cawley