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The View From Here ARTIST CALL

CALL TO ARTISTS: On-location sketch work

AS part of our April show, “The View From Here”, we are reserving one of the gallery walls for your work! This will be more of an informal showing option, like in class when everyone pins their sketch work assignments to the wall for critique, except the only critique will be whatever conversations you choose to have about the work.

The idea of the show was to have artists to do on-location sketch work (including writing, recording scraps of conversation, smells, sounds, collage pieces, etc) of the places they live and love (coffee shops, their studio, home, school, the park, etc), then take that work back to the studio and make a piece that is informed by what they saw and recorded.

I thought it would be neat to invite YOU, our community of artists, to go out and make time to do some casual on-location sketchwork as well, and to post up the results, both to inspire yourself to get out there and draw/paint/write in and about your world, and to inspire each other. This is a casual showing opportunity, a place to share, so don’t bring in your most polished work, bring in a sketches!

Bring in a 9×12 inch or smaller “sketch” in any media to AFRU Gallery (at the old Launch Pad Location) either on THURSDAY, 4/4, between 12-4pm, or to the opening FRIDAY 4/5 between 6pm-12am.

Work will be pinned directly to the wall using clear pushpins. Work will be arrayed in a cloud or a grid as it comes in, forming a giant collage window of your observations. Work will remain up all month, and you are welcome to add additional sketch work over the course of the show. Work may be documented and images posted to the Launch Pad website and Facebook, so if you’d like attribution, please include your name.

If you would like to have your work returned, please write your name, phone number, and email address on the back and you will be contacted at the end of the show, otherwise work will be filed with the other ephemera of the show.

Porltand, OR 97214