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6th Annual Portland Love show call to artists

The Love Show is back!
Launch Pad teams up with Jason Brown and Chris Haberman (Po’Boy Gallery, Peoples Gallery) and Gallery Homeland to present this years show at the Historic Ford Building.

Now in it’s 6th year, the Portland Love show seeks to shine some light on the complicated discoball that is love, dark facets and all. With the Hallmark/florist/jewelry/chocolate conspiracy focusing so much attention (and cash) on romance and sex every February, we aim to create a visual dialogue about love in it’s many incarnations and interpretations, be it self-love, sorrow, lust, confusion, hope, bitterness, gentleness, deception, romance, imagination, jealousy, true love, young love, love lost, parental, filial, adversarial love, the surrounding abundance of love or love as the unknown….

Let’s all look a little deeper and remind ourselves and the public that there’s so much more to love. You are invited to explore the theme anyway you choose and in any media; how it fits into the show doesn’t have to be obvious to anyone else other than you.

Please read over the details below and sign up at

503 427 8704


Gallery Homeland at the Ford Building
2505 Southeast 11th Avenue #136
Portland, OR 97202
Google place page


Please review the dates below BEFORE signing up. If you know that the drop off/pick up dates are going to be a conflict, make your plans now! We have a lot of artists to coordinate!

February 12th-March 12th, 2010

February 4-5, 2011
Times/location to be determined

Saturday the 12th, Feb. 2010, 7pm-12am


WORK PICK-UP (tentative):
February 27, 28, 2011
Times/location to be determined

March 14th, 2011


  • one piece per artist only, any media, 4 ft x 4ft max (please, don’t all make work this big!!) li>
  • strong>Wired & ready to hang (not pinned to the wall, not clips, not a cleat, no saw-tooth– a WIRE please- See How-To Here, we can consult with you if you need help with this part)
  • Labeled in a removable fashion with your TITLE, NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE & EMAIL (taping a business card to the back is a good idea


  • You do not need to sell your work, but if you do, here’s the basic breakdown:
  • We will take a 40% commission on work sold
  • You are showing your work at your own risk. While we will handle your work with the highest degree of care, the Ford building is a public space housing many businesses and we cannot control access. Theft hasn’t been a problem there or at any past Love show, but it’s always a possibility.
  • Artists will be paid within 30 days of the CLOSE of the show, if not sooner. (I will personally strive to pay everyone ASAP, as I know we all need the money)
  • You MUST pick up your piece at the end of the show. The best days to pick up are February 28th and March 1st, when we will have staff there to assist you, and the work will still be on the wall.

    If you fail to pick up your work during those times, we will be forced to find storage for it, increasing the likely hood that it will be damaged exponentially, and you will need to schedule an appointment to come get it at our convenience. PLEASE don’t make this difficult for us or you- arrange to pick up your work on the days we ask.

    Your work becomes property of the Love Show on March 14th, 2011, to do whatever we want with it.
    Furthermore, artists who abandon their work without communicating with us will not be welcome in future Love shows or Launch Pad group shows.


The Love Show is partnering once again with a worthy cause to try and use our collective might to do some good!

We’re collecting cans of food for the Oregon Food Bank at the opening and for the duration of the show. Tell your friends, tell your boss, tell your grocery store… Let’s feed some hungry folks together- you never know, the people who benefit from the food bank are often closer to you than you think.

How awesome to have you in this show! Last year we had quite a few people mail in work from near and far, and it’s a treat to have you involved! Help us by carefully reading the following information.

Here are the specifics that apply to you:

  • You pay shipping both ways, please.
    Pre-printed mailing labels are the most convenient method & it’s a good idea to include tracking capabilities and insurance. Feel free to include business cards or show cards for us to put out.

    If your piece doesn’t sell, I will strive to mail your piece back to you within two weeks of the close of the show. I’ll try to include some show cards as well for your files. Please be sure to include a removable label on your piece, and make your $10.00 check out to ‘Launch Pad Gallery’

  • NOTE: You must get the work to me on time, by FRIDAY February 5th at the latest!!Because the gallery hours are sparse, I would like you to mail your piece to my home address:

    Launch Pad Gallery
    c/o Ben Pinkowitz
    5217 NE 14th Pl.
    Portland, OR 97211

    I will email you when I’ve received it.
    Thanks so much! It’s like Christmas in February when all the art arrives!
    (If you feel like it, include a note about how you heard about this show)

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