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A collaborative group show curated by Jamie Watson

BIG Thanks to all who contributed their work and energy to the opening!
(Especially the SmartTech gang: Fuzzball, Ry & Joe for doing such a great job with sound and Baby Hendrix for reminding us all to stay in the now.)

Whether you made it to the opening or not, you can check out the fantastic bands who played on-line by clicking on their names:
Kaitlyn ni Donovan
Point Juncture, WA

It’s 2009, and we’re starting the year anew with a fabulous multi-media group show about collaboration, interconnectedness and friendship guest-curated by artist & Launch Pad volunteer Jamie Watson. The show features 2-d work, film and music by thirteen artists and two bands.

“From seed, to root, to tree, to fruit. These are some of Portland best, most of which have been in hiding for many years. We have all remained seeds for far too long and with this being the new year… it’s perfect timing to start moving again. This is a collaborative show. it’s back bone is to let the viewer see how artists communicate with each other, with themselves, and then out in the public eye. This is a show about friendship and working together as a whole to create a beautiful artistic vision and lust for life. These are my apples.”

-Curator Jamie Watson, January 2009

Collaborations by:

  • Jennah Snyder and Nikki Jones
  • Ben Carey and Nathan & Noah Rice
  • Veranda Haddon and Michelle Purvis
  • Brent Wear and Jamie Watson
  • Rick Warren and Charles Daniels

Film by:
Michelle Tuffias, Sara Robbin and Charles Daniels

January web card

Selected Pieces

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Jamie Watson & Brent Wear
Jamie Watson & Brent Wear
January web card
January web card