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Barbie Meltdown Theatre

An Intergenerational Exploration of Gender and Sexuality

QuArt PDX, Portland’s premiere queer art collective, in collaboration with the Sexual Minority Youth Resource Center (S.M.Y.R.C.) and GenderBlendz (Outside-In), present “BARBIE MELTDOWN THEATRE,” an intergenerational exploration of gender and sexuality.

“BARBIE MELTDOWN THEATRE” aims to deconstruct, in a playful and wicked manner, the gender and sexuality straitjackets into which society seeks to squeeze us. The participating artists hope that the show, as well as its First Friday reception at the Launchpad Gallery, will provide a gender-neutral zone in which the stone and steel of identity can be melted back down to the magma and mercury of transformation. It is hoped that unexpected freedom and bewildering beauty will result.

QuArt PDX is excited to invite artists from the community to show a variety of personal expressions of gender & sexuality. QuArt provides avenues for queers and queer allies to develop collaborative projects, share knowledge, and build support networks around creative production. The collective is dedicated to promoting sociopolitical awareness and accessibility of the arts. For more information, member profiles and shows past, present and future visit

SMYRC’s mission is “to create safety and support for LGBTQ youth in Oregon through youth empowerment, community building, and education.” Some of the SMYRC youth will be uniting with QuArt for “BARBIE MELTDOWN THEATRE.”

GenderBlendz is a social/mental wellness and support group for the male to female gender transition spectrum. In a facilitated, small group format, members enjoy emotional and social support around various topics including health, media, Open Discussion, and a variety of creative activities. GenderBlendz evolved from a mixed GenderBlendz group when most returning participants were interested or active in the male to female transition. The group has been functioning for two years and is sponsored by the Outside In Trans Identify Resource Center (TiRC)

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Don’t take Richard Speer‘s word for it, come see this show in person and make up your own mind!

Selected Pieces

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