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The Suspended Garden of Disbelief

New Paintings by Brent Wear

Wee!! Spring! The opening was a blast!

Huge thanks to all the visitors, dancers, volunteers and jump ropers (that’s right, for everyone who went home early, we had a serious double dutch session after you left)

Especially big love to the musicians who gave their love and energy to the opening: The Rostropobitches, an all-womens side project of the Portland Cello Project (link coming soon so you can keep up on their meteoric ascent), The Merce Cunnigham Duo, who made Launch Pad history by turning the freight elevator on the loading dock in to the most intimate theater in Portland, DJ NEALIE NEAL, MR. ROMO and DJ B.HILL and John from Seattle, who brought it hard until very late into the funky, funky night.

None of this would have been possible without Smart Tech A/V, Clint Kaster’s patience and ear for problem solving, and Chris Herring’s obsession with “sexy” lighting.

More photo’s of the opening can be found HERE

The Suspended Garden of Disbelief

“For this group of paintings I have abandoned my usual practice of putting characters in my work, and allowed myself to explore the subtle abstract imagery that is present in many of my paintings, but not always noticeable. For me it is a return to the true nature of painting, to stream of conscience over composition and representation. The resulting images reflect not only complex dreamscapes, but also organic and machine like structures.

The idea for me is to create images that encourage the viewer to spend time in meditation, as if visiting a sublime, lush garden, and that the viewer will have their own emotional experience with the paintings.”

Brent Wear

Read a very insightful interview with Brent by Chris Haberman HERE


About the Artist

Brent Wear is a painter who has been working and showing in the Pacific Northwest for the past decade. He is a native of Kansas City, MO, and moved to Portland in 1997 to pursue painting. Most Noticed for his paintings of round, toy like birds (and birds in pants), Brent also paints trains, helicopters, cupcakes, crows, and other creatures. His work combines the abstract and representational into an absurd, storybook narrative. The majority of his work is done on found pieces of wood, which he finds in the industrial location of his studio. Brent is a member of the Egg Art collective, an eclectic mix of artists, clothing designers and performers. Brent has volunteered with and had art shows with P:EAR, an art and education program for homeless youth. He is currently working on his first book project, drawing from characters he has developed over his years of painting. In his free time Brent likes to ride his bike and birdwatch. He is also very fond of cats and trains.

About the Rostropobitches

Members of the Portland Cello Project Anna Fritz, Sami Kushnick, Allegra M, and Sonja Myklebust are gathering together to put the Ms. in Mstislav! This collaboration of cellists is in honor of the late Mstislav Rostropovich. This show will feature original works by our very own cellists Anna Fritz, Sami Krushnick, and Gideon Freudman as well as masterpieces by Ravel and surprises yet to be conceived!

Brent’s Myspace
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Selected Pieces

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Brent Wear Web Card
Brent Wear Web Card
The Suspended Garden of Disbelief
The Suspended Garden of Disbelief