Launch Pad Gallery: Featuring the work of local emerging artists.

Innard Blues

Paintings, Drawings & Music by Anna Todaro

Anna Todaro’s “Innard Blues”, a limited edition full-color zine/audio release of new paintings and songs by Anna inspired by the monster poems of Patrick Bocarde, Melissa Sillitoe and Curtis White-Carroll. Each copy is signed and numbered, make sure to get your
copy! more»


Martha Wallulis & Krislyn Dillard

New abstract Oil on canvas and gouache on paper paintings. more»


Mark Jacques, Seth Neefus, Timothy Karpinski & David Wien

A mixed-media installation about water by four good friends more»


A Huge Salon-style group show about visually exploring secrets of all kinds

“Secrets” Artists, Please Click Here for details about picking up your work

Pssst!! Over 100 local artists answered the call to make one piece each about a common thread that runs through all of our lives, secrets. There is a ton of small work (2ft x 2ft or less) in a wide variety of media, including Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography, Collage, Sculpture, Installation, Video and Sound.



New Works by Garry Hood

Mono- and di-chromatic drawings on illustration board and clayboard more»

Barbie Meltdown Theatre

An Intergenerational Exploration of Gender and Sexuality

An art exhibition brought to you by queer art collective QuArt PDX, featuring artists from SMYRC and GenderBlendz more»

Photographs: Pictures that Came from My Camera

Enlarged Polaroids by Jeremy Pelley & Julia Blackburn

Empty places, Desolate landscapes, Sparse nothingness. They turned their cameras to the empty places and desolate landscapes. What emerged were simple color fields and sparse minimal dreamscapes. more»


Jennifer Mercede

New Text-Heavy, Brightly Colored, Ultra-Active Urban Painitngs! more»

Release: Navigating the Smallest Bones of Autumn

New Paintings by Daniel Papke

The Love Show

All that which is love.

How We Relate

Brent Wear and Friends Make Art Together.