Launch Pad Gallery: Featuring the work of local emerging artists.

Transcending States

3rd Anniversary Installation Group Show

Featuring installations by Ca-leb Shelley Lambides, molly jochem, Robin Corbo & gyrl grip(Llewyn Máire & Lisa Newman)

Also including a community altar to honor all that has passed as well as the yet-to-be-created; bring an object or photograph relating to something or someone that you would like to transcend the invisible barrier between the here and now and everything else. more»

PRETTY GIRL HOLIDAY SALE!!! Nov. 21-22 only! Not to be Missed!

Including limited-edition posters by Rebecca Shelly, our featured artist this month (see more information on her exhibit here)
The gallery will be back to normal again on Sunday. Hope to see you at the sale! more»

Local Victory

Drawings & Installation by

Rebecca Shelly

Rebecca Shelly will be showing some beautiful drawings & installation work from her MFA thesis about modern-day victory gardens. These pieces are originally inspired by a WWII era government propaganda campaign to encourage Americans to plant food gardens, which they called, “Victory Gardens”, as a way of supporting the war effort. Shelly has taken the idea of the Victory Garden and adapted it to address a different yet equally grave set of problems facing us today. more»


A Salon-Style, Open-Call Themed Group Show
featuring one piece each by over 100 artists

This October, in the liminal month between summer and fall, Launch Pad Gallery invites you to delve deep into the subconscious and the private worlds of sleep, hope and the darker corners of the mind with Dreams our sixth open-call themed group show! more»

Patterns of Transition

New Prints by Mark Perry
Fabric Installation by Jennifer Gleach

Jennifer Gleach and Mark Perry each examine process, accumulation and the development of meaning that comes with repetition. more»

A Swan Song, A Love Letter, A Blanket

New work on paper by Rochelle Koivunen

Featuring installation by Pollution Party & recycled plastic bag sculptures by Katie Simpson

Rochelle Koivunen’s new body of work features wall painting, five large scroll-mounted mixed-media works on paper and a suite of smaller framed portraits. The work depicts tender relationships between humans and animals- refugees nurturing and caring for each other symbiotically once again as we move away from the anonymity and isolation of consumerism, technology and throw-away culture into a radically changed world where we all have to work together in order to survive. more»


new work by emerging artists curated by established artists

A uniquely curated group show featuring unrepresented, emerging artists hand selected by established, represented artists. This show highlights relationships that exist within the local community of artists that are largely invisible to the world of collectors, critics and gallery owners. The show aims to address and refute the culture of assigning value to artwork and artists based on gallery representation, critical attention & commodity status. What would happen if instead, we as a local art community chose to refocus the conversation around more relevant questions: Does the work move you? Does the work provoke you? Does the work challenge your ideas about what art is? Is it good, even if you can’t hang it over your couch?

Our guest curators feel that the artists they have selected make work that deserves your time and consideration-
please join us & come to your own conclusions. more»

The Suspended Garden of Disbelief

New Paintings by Brent Wear

In a drastic departure from his illustrative, character-driven work, Portland artist Brent Wear presents a series of imaginative and ethereal abstracts. Using salvaged wood panels from the industrial Southeast neighborhood, driftwood and the occasional found art piece, Wear creates organic scenes and moods in a palate of blues, greens and pinks. Starting with intuitive forms and gestures and continuing with layering and blurring techniques, Wear creates atmospheric paintings reminiscent of floating gardens and watery reflections. Through the fluidity of color and form, each piece promotes meditation on the beauty of paying attention. more»

a ghost, a possessor/ The Deposed

New Oil Paintings by Jaik Faulk

This show questions power and masculinity through abstract portraiture, exploring power and its tendency to distort and manipulate us, as if it had a mind of its own. more»

Lord Have Mercy

New works on paper by your friendly neighborhood artist David Stein

David leads the viewers through scenes of unusual fairy tales with detailed ink and watercolor illustrations… see it to believe it! more»

The 3rd Annual Love Show

Work by over 100 artists responding to the ineffable force of love

In our third annual salon-style open-call group show about love taking place this February we aim to create a visual dialogue about love in it’s many incarnations and interpretations, be it self love, sorrow, lust, confusion, hope, bitterness, gentleness, deception, romance, imagination, jealousy, true love, young love, love lost, parental, filial, adversarial love, the surrounding abundance of love or love as the unknown…. more»

Crones on the Verge

External Images of Internal Dialogues

Yvonne O’Gara and Rhonda Kennedy collaborate to create an installation of warmth and comfort in the cold wet winter.