Launch Pad Gallery: Featuring the work of local emerging artists.

Light Sensitive Material

A Juried Show focusing on Analogue Photographic Processes

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Our first juried show celebrating Launch Pad’s 4th Anniversary! The goal of this show is to highlight artists working with analogue light sensitive materials (film in all formats, photograms, Van Dycks, cyanotypes, wet plates, Daguerreotypes, direct positives, super 8s, Polaroids, etc) to produce work in an increasingly digital age.


Works in Masks

Two Person Show:
Misha Capecchi and Jeff Betz


an open-call group show about family of all types-
lost, found, past, present, blood and otherwise

November 1st, 12-3pm

A casual chance to see the art without all the hubbub before it comes down. There will be cookies and coffee and tea provided, but you are most cordially invited to bring some light snacky thing or beverage to share.
Intimate performances at 1pm.

With our 8th bi-annual open-call non-juried group show, we have enthusiastically and apprehensively invited 117 artists to explore what family means to them.

We invite YOU to participate in the Show!
Be in our family slide show! Send .jpgs of your family photos to and we will include your family at the closing event on November 1st, 2009 (12-3pm)


Another World

Soft Sculpture by Kelly Rundle

Recent Idaho transplant Kelly Rundle will fill the gallery with her fabulous soft sculptures, creating an environment populated by familiar yet fuzzily distorted objects. Her pieces feel like alien interpretations of everyday American household goods, constructed out of available materials without an understanding of their intended purpose more»

Shits & Giggles

New Paintings by Jeremy Okai Davis

“Shits & Giggles is my newest collection of work. In staying true to my style, I’ve continued with the same application that teeters between Chuck Close’s usage of color to form skin tones and impressionism. The new collection of paintings has been somewhat of a departure thematically from previous work, and at times more of a call back to my undergraduate work. The tone is lighter and the paintings are larger, hopefully lending themselves to a pleasing viewing experience that I hope will bring smiles. The color choices are vibrant, the subject youthful and the application loose. I’ve been slowly adding more text elements into my work and this series is a step in the same direction. I’ve used words to drive home the theme in the pieces at times and also to enhance the light mood of the work.“
~ Jeremy Okai Davis more»

Launch Pad is CLOSED for Vacation through July….

And we're loving every minute!

That’s right! We took the month off to go chill on Kaua’i (for a week) and get a job, a drivers license, a hair cut and various other housekeeping/life maintenance tasks.


The Heart Will Not Hide

Paintings by Jolyn Fry

A selection of paintings based on contemplations of heartbreak, longing, and vulnerability. It is the second installation in the Artist’s Bloodline series, a body of work in progress based in the study of self and humanity inspired by the artist’s own life and story. more»

Well Finished

Installation by Micki Skudlarczyk

A 35ft long whole gallery installation made of steel, wood, concrete and mesentery of over 70 pigs.

WARNING: while dogs are generally welcome at Launch Pad, please leave your dog at home for this exhibit


People Will Talk

Photography by Mark Wickum
Painted Interpretations by Chris Haberman.

“A single photograph can tell many stories. The photographer–who either captures a moment or manufactures one–has one story, and each person who sees that photo has their own. Some of these stories are true, and some of them are better than the truth.

These photographs were made with the truth in mind. These are authentic moments. These paintings were made with as little knowledge of that truth as possible. The painter was free to tell his stories, unburdened by the photographer’s stories. A photo, a title, and a few points where the lives of the painter and the photographer’s subjects intersect–this is the inspiration and the interpretation. Fiction and non-fiction. Pictures speaking in pictures. People will talk.” more information… more»

In The Raw

First-Person Figurative Works by Elena Cronin

Sexy, intimate, private & personal, Elena Cronin’s unique explorations of the human form take the viewer out of the armchair and into the eyes and body of the an artist fascinated with challenging perspective, foreshortening and difficult poses- all expressed through delicately modulated line and color choices that speak more to emotion and tension than literal representation.

“…One of the aspects of figural artwork that fascinates me is the ability to evoke a very visceral sense of tension through the physical illustration of the body. Many of the positions that I find myself drawn to involve torquing, twisting, or stretching the body – sometimes awkwardly or uncomfortably – in ways that evoke the same acute sensations in the viewer’s mind. This series of work portrays my expression of these sensations as I literally experience them.” more information… more»

The 4th Annual Portland Love Show

An Open-call Salon-style group show about Love of all Kinds! Featuring over 200 artists!!

My Life as a Scientologist

New Paintings by Nic VIK

By day VIK is a modern pirate: a professional remover and peddler of household wares and industrial materials. By night, he is an artist attentive to pattern and detail, ethereal lighting and poignant content that gently uses the shortcomings of society to gouge out our eyes. VIK’s work is both a siren and a lullaby. more»


A collaborative group show curated by Jamie Watson

It’s 2009, and we’re starting the year anew with a fabulous multi-media group show about collaboration, interconnectedness and friendship guest-curated by artist & Launch Pad volunteer Jamie Watson. The show features work thirteen artists collaborating with each other. more»