Launch Pad Gallery: Featuring the work of local emerging artists.


a group show responding to the criminalization of race.

CRIMINALES TODOS aims to inspire an ongoing dialogue and examination of the social, political and cultural issues related to the criminalization of communities of color. In times of increased police surveillance, tightened border control and the implementation of anti-immigrant and racist laws across the country, we encourage artists to engage in a conversation about the devastating repercussions of policing and the militarization in our local communities.

Featuring work by:
Adriana Vawdrey, Sabina Haque, Hampton Rodriguez, Cindy Chan, Sarah Farahat and Ashley Montague, Kyle Simmons of East space People, Karen Barrueto, Jason Paul Serres, Darren Orange, Amy Buchheit, Bette Lee, Marcos Aguirre, Alex Milan Tracy, El Grupo Juvenil, Jerry Kohler, Hunter Hancock, Pete Shaw, Julie Perene


Facing Fear

Our Annual Fall Open-Call Show featuring Work by Over 100 Artists

Over 100 Artists making work about facing fear in one way or another…


I am Hunting, You are Hunted

Over 1000 works by Theodore Holdt

Closing Reception

Saturday, October 30th, 2010, 3pm-6pm

with coffee, cookies, and time to talk to the artist about his process and work!


The Writings on the Wall

ONE NIGHT ONLY: Text-Based Interactive Art, Music, Poetry

Home-made Magnetic Poetry vs. Freestyling vs. Improvisation vs. Live Painting vs. Open Mic

We’re having a happening Happening of sorts, because we believe that YOU, our art-loving public, have something to say, so we’re taking a chance to experiment and providing the tools to make something unique and wonderful! We require YOUR HELP to make the art this month! Bring your FAVORITE WORDS to include in a gigantic text-based experiment in collaborative writing, music and art making.

The show is up all month- Come in an move the words around with a friend! more»


New Paintings by Katie Simpson Spain

Newly minted organic salad farmer Katie Simpson Spain explores subtle colors, texture, reflectance and growth with this peaceful series of paintings devoted to plants from the garden, both tame and wild.



Exploring Creative Couples
Co-Curated by Patrick M. Dacey & Chuck E. Bloom

The idea of Proximity is to explore how two creatives in a long term relationship influence each others art work. They can work in greatly disparate styles with little crossover, but what kind of impact does just being in a relationship with another artist have on one’s own artwork. Not only that, but did the pairing come about because of the art? Or did one artistic expression come about after the other? There are myriad aspects to explore. The intent of this show is touch on these special relationships through an examination of the art and the stories of the people behind it and how they interact.

Paper Trails

Mixed Media Work with Paper by Jascha Owens

Collage and mixed media works chart artist Jascha Owens process as a maker as he moves between work constructed by assembling literal, distinct physical surfaces to work built of drawn and painted shapes, colors and image-forms.


Light Leaks

Pinholes & Pin Ups by Leigh Ryan & Hana Haley

Two fabulous emerging photographers working with uncommon techniques share their unique dreamscapes- be there and be amazed!


Rhythm of Life

Watercolors & Ink Drawings by Franklin Ghong Kwa

Two new bodies of work exploring the joy of being a new parent and reflecting on the importance of women in the artist’s native Cameroon. more»

Outsiders On The Inside: From the Beginning

Project Grow Artists: Pasty M. Blasier, David Lechner, Jamond Williams & Dan McClary

Launch Pad and Project Grow feature work by four artists who participate in the program. Come on down and have a look!


Holiday in Trivandrum

Silent art auction of paintings and drawings by David Stein


Holiday in Trivandrum is a one night only fundraiser/silent auction for Suniti and David’s South India expedition scheduled for this March-April. Don’t miss this chance to acquire a piece of art from one of Portland’s rising stars! more»

The Love Show

Work by Over 300 Artists about All Different Types of Love

Closing Party
March 12th, 2010
Free! All-Ages!

Olympic Mills Commerce Center
(map) more»