Launch Pad Gallery: Featuring the work of local emerging artists.


New works in oil by Paula Keyth

The Wall & Other Paintings

New works by Travis Wade

Curated by Charles Siegfried more»

What We Carried

Fragments from the Cradle of Civilization

What We Carried: Fragments from the Cradle of Civilization is about leaving one’s homeland. Portland Photographer/Writer Jim Lommasson is currently photographing and interviewing Iraqi refugees and immigrants who have fled to the U.S. since 1990. This project dovetails with Lommasson’s visual and oral history of returning American soldiers from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars called Exit Wounds. Lommasson feels that there is another side of the story that needs to be told, about those who have left their homeland and are now resettling around the world. Lommasson is photographing those few important personal items that have survived the long journey from Iraq to the U.S. The journey may take months, sometime even years, and includes refugee camps, piles of documents and possibly a few bribes. After photographing the objects, Lommasson asks the participants to write about the significance of their objects on the finished photographs.

Also featuring work by Iraqi Artists Farooq Hassan and Samir Khurshid


LIVES: Past and Still

The Work of Process and Time

Featuring paintings by Anna Magruder & Nicholas Cordell Orr
Curated by Chris Haberman more»

Where I Hang My Hat

An Exploration of Home by the Homeless

Where I Hang My Hat features homeless and at-risk artists who will explore the meaning of home and their experiences living in transition. more»

Portals: Surreal & Visionary Artists

Four Visionary Artists: Andrew Zeutzius, J Slattum, Jasmine Star & Nemo Boko
Curated by Rick Curtis

Four surreal & visionary artists paint live, exploring the concept of portal. Join us opening night for art, music, food & drink. more»

In The Pines

New Landscape Paintings by Kendra Larson
Curated by Charles Siegfried

Kendra Larson’s landscape paintings explore the universal concept of Place, and how our evolving cultural & sociological surroundings shape the way we perceive the world and the landscapes we inhabit. more»


Art in Dialog + the music of DMLH

Life and Death

Two Approaches to Painting People
New Work by Quin Sweetman & Joe Sneed

Oil paintings of people, but with totally different intents, techniques and desired outcomes.

“Beastin’ the Identity Crisis”

Ink on Paper by Louise Krampien
Curated by Charles Siegfried

Large scale Sharpie on paper drawings of animals in unnatural situations, actual and imaginary. more»

6th Annual Portland Love Show

Featuring work by over 300 Artists this year!

This year’s Love show is presented by Chris Haberman Presents, Po’Boy Arts, and Launch Pad
with our gracious hosts at Gallery Homeland!

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Hope to see you there!


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Painted Interpretations of Modern Icons
by Chris Haberman + Scott Chase


“Through out history people are remembered for their actions and recognized by their portraits. When I started this series I tried to divide figures past and present into categories (Good/Bad/Ugly) but found many of the icons I had chosen fit more than one of these groups. This evolved into me finding figures whose actions fit all three categories. With the subjects selected Chris and I painted portraits of each icon though our different and unique artistic filters. Our goal is to invoke the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in each figure though these portraits. ”
~ Scott Chase more»