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an open-call group show about family of all types-
lost, found, past, present, blood and otherwise

November 1st, 12-3pm

A casual chance to see the art without all the hubbub before it comes down. There will be cookies and coffee and tea provided, but you are most cordially invited to bring some light snacky thing or beverage to share.
Intimate performances at 1pm.

HUGE THANKS to DJ JUSAYN for playing about 6 hours straight at the opening….

ARTISTS!! Visit the resource page if you have questions…

Family web card

About the Show

With our 8th bi-annual open-call non-juried group show, we have enthusiastically and apprehensively invited 117 artists to explore what family means to them.

The theme is a complicated one. Everyone has issues with family- where we come from, who we are, who we want to become (and who we fear we will become) and where we each belong- all of these things are tied in a messy Gordian knot, laced together with a heavy braid of blood, sex, history, birth, death, adventure, childhood, friendship, loss and so much more.

We invite you to participate in the Show!
Send .jpgs of family photos to

Please direct questions, comments, compliments and complaints to

Participating Artists

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Megan Adamson, Nicole Amore, Michelle Anderson, Serena Appel, Natasha Bacca, Matthew Barta, Delphine Bedient, Nicole Bereczki, Jason Berlin, Carol Berryhill, Kendra Binney, Courtney Blazon, Chuck Bloom, Matthew Bodett, Carly Bodnar, Keia Booker, TheresAnn Bosserman, Nicholas Bottman, David Brooks, Gretchen Brooks, Brennan Broome, Casey Brown, Misha Capecchi, Teresa Chipperfield, Sarah Ciampa, Adam Ciresi, Dante Cohen, Dayna Collins, Amber Corneliuson, Kindra Crick, Elena Cronin, Darra Crosby, Larry Cwik, John David Dean, Erika and Cody Dean, Christopher Delange, Greg Delapaix, Shawn Demarest, Matt di Leo, Jason DuMars, Gabe Flores, Victoria Frankland, Justinian Frey, Adrienne Fritze, Jolyn Fry, Arlo Garfield, Angela Gay, Jennifer Gleach, Gigi Grinstad, Aaron Gritzka, Sabina Haque, Carrie Hardison, Aundrea Harrell, Marlena Hatchel, Peter Herley, Lee Hunter, Constance Jackson, Aireen Joven, Jason Kappus, Cibyl Kavan, Cesia Kearns, Yosha Kness, Shelby Koning, Denise Krueger, Christopher Lamb, Cathy Leece, Betsy LeVine, John Oliver Lewis, Christopher Lynch, Natalie Macellaio, Ginnie MacPherson, Jonathan MacNair, Belle Mahoney, Dafna Margalit, Trilby Marlin, Anna Martinez, Michael Matarese, Jessica McCambly, Sara McCormick, Bethany McCraw, Katy Meacham, Carolina Medina-Dupaix, Jennifer Mercede, BRMedz, S.I.D. Need, Sara Nyquist, Nate Orton, Luke Osowski,
Karl Ramentol, Tashi Rana, Remedios Rapoport,
Alanna Risse, Kjerstin Rossi, Rosalynn Rothstein, Destree Rudolph, Kelly Rundle, Azad Sadjadi, Richard Schemmerer, Will Schneider-White, Erika Lee Sears, Dirk Spece, Sara Stenger, Shannon Sullivan, Miranda L. Tarrow, Consu Tolosa, Autumn Tomlinson, Anna Troupe, Rebecca Van Stralen, Christopher Vazquez, Rosevan Vickery, Joshua Vincent, Billy von Raven, Leslie Waygren, Julianna Weir, Asha Whittle, Darrell Williamson, Chayo Wilson, Amelia Winger-Bearskin, Heidi Elise- Wirz, Josh Wishart, Jana Woodson, James Yeary, Dave Zdrazil, Mona Zillah



Selected Pieces

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Family web card
Family web card