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Food Resources

This list of resources was lovingly compiled by a friend of the gallery to bring artists (and any hungry person) access to some of the food bounty that Portland has to offer. Please, think about how you conduct yourself as you engage with these generous community members who are putting out effort to share free food with you- remember, how we act as individuals affects how we are perceived as a group!

food not bombs schedule (updated March 2010)
all days 5:45 pm

saturday and sunday Westside downtown (rock solid 4 yrs) -normally in the north park blocks by the big elephant sculpture, in the past, just south of burnside w/ the cover or under the b.side bridge

monday and tuesday in s.e. at colonel sumners park just s. of belmont @ 17th (probably fri, etc. will pick back up as warm/dry weather and donations increase)

food church is at n.e. 7th and stanton on sun @ ~ 1:10 pm -there is a hippie/punk-open church service before too, yet they open the basement to anyone just after 1 {they make pick ups-donations from a lot of places.. trader joe’s, new seasons, bread, juice, etc.)

grand central bakery kicks down, as does black sheep, pearl bakery, organics to you, columbia gorge juice, turtle island foods (maker of tofurkey, deli slices , etc

ota tofu will give out 5 gallon buckets of tofu

higher taste also often has wraps and sandwiches to kick down or in their dumpster on s.e. 28th just s. of holgate

free porch in s.e. on 33 just s. of hawthorne

n. portland free porch on the w. side of garfield just n. of shaver

fish open mon-fri mornings -they have free fresh local produce from community garden, etc, excess in the warmer times and canned food bread and clothing galore (you are allowed 20 #s a month) they often want a picture id..

* If anyone would like to organize a food distro and wants assistance, call Brent 614.325-2478 (he’s a really sweet person, don’t be afraid!)