Launch Pad Gallery: Featuring the work of local emerging artists.

How We Relate

Brent Wear and Friends Make Art Together.

A show of collaborative works involving more than twenty different artists; this show explores the visual language between two artists working on a single piece, as well as the relationships between two individuals. Done in a wide variety of media, the works include sculpture, textiles, drawing, mixed media, and of course, paintings.

Participating Artists:
Brent wear and… Buffie Gilbert, Bob Knowles, Robin Lehto, Joseph Kucinski, Dave Brown, Angela Miles, Lauren Erickson, Ry Basko, Paul Fujita, Ben Milam , Ben Pink, Matt Meyer, Marcus Pierce, Pippa Possible, Nancy Davis, Sherry Dooley, Michelle McKay, Kirsten Moore, Richard Cawley, Sharon Wear, Mark Clarke, Dan Groth, Kathy Haas, Faith Jennings, and several youth from the P:EAR Mentor Program.