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a ghost, a possessor/ The Deposed

New Oil Paintings by Jaik Faulk

Big thanks to all who came out for the opening- there were A LOT of you! Wow!
Super big thanks to Jaik’s mom Pat who flew in from Louisiana- Pat, you were such a huge help and truly a pleasure to meet and spend time with.

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Residue Jaik Faulk’s “a ghost, a possessor/The Deposed” is a series of oil paintings resulting from a two year long exploration into the decay of traditional masculinity using deconstructed portraits cultured from photographs of early mid-century Louisiana politicians and figureheads, the anonymous everyman, and his own Grandfather. Faulk’s paintings straddle the line between readable portraits and stripped-down representations of emotion and mood. Claustrophobic and sensual, the muted colors and elegant desperation in these portraits challenges the viewer to examine what our culture demands of contemporary men in their role as providers and oppressors.

Artist Statement

“These works have come about as a response to found images of politicians from Louisiana in the early twentieth century. Originally, I saw in them a style, and fashion that called to mind my grandfather. In these images was the feel and sense of location I remembered from old government buildings, hard polished distressed wood, tile floors and sounds of dress shoes on hard floor. It was an old world I had known only as a facade, deeper though; in these images what became poignant was the weight I saw in their eyes. It was what I could tie to my own world, in that; this weight still exists today though the time of these individuals has past. Specifically, a class struggle, power relations in our socio-political structure, came to be the theme. How these elements of theme broke down/built up these characters in my mind informed my rendering of them.

There is a correlation between the aging/evolution of an individual and that of an institution. For this reason the figure as subject/point of departure drives my current body of work. It is that one can respond in a more personal way when faced with another figure. I see painting as intimate and I found it necessary to strip these works down in order to get at what is most essential to the whole. Specific persons and images are only used as points of reference, a start, soon this source is left behind and I directly respond to what is in front of me. The result I seek in all this is a record of the process of looking.

This is the result of a two-year exploration into the visual rendering of these relationships. I have focused on conveying a process of evolution from a state of innocence into an affected ragged presence. These figures are what I see as coming to ruin. I believe they touch on the death of an ideal; all that we grew up believing as just, has been turned on its head or discarded. Now what is left is an emptiness and a saturated weight, a thickening in the air. How do we go forward?

I am not interested in illustration but rather elements of rendering which place these figures in our world, the play of light and dark, proper proportions and movement. I shift and play with these elements in order to bring about this underlying ghost. It is a possession, something other, a looming aura, that drives and uses these characters.”

Jaik Faulk

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Selected Pieces

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Leather Chair
Leather Chair
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