Launch Pad Gallery: Featuring the work of local emerging artists.

New (kid) artist on the block

Hey! I’m Nick or Niky Jay, I’m an intern from New Urban High School. I’ll be volunteering for the Launch Pad art gallery for the time being and possibly for more years to come. What I have already seen and experienced from the Launch Pad is exciting, the art that comes through is amazing and inspirational.

It’s been fun setting up for the art shows, and meeting all the local artists. The last show was pretty awesome. I made Ben’s Famous Beans and Rice- I have to say it was better than my mom’s more traditional beans and rice, laugh out loud. It’s been nerve racking but it’s a learning experience for sure. I never thought I would be here doing something to support what I love, the arts. My friends are proud of me, and so is my house, the staff will be attending the upcoming art show. Everyone I tell assumes my art will be in the art show but I humbly inform them I’m only setting up for the art shows as of right now… but I do hope to have my own art show in the near future.

But right now I’m just starting off, the countdown to something great! I can feel it. So my job will be to travel around Portland to seek out other art galleries and coffee shops that display art and check out what they’re doing. We want to see what’s happening in the art community around us, reconnect, discover emerging and innovative artists and galleries, as well as to highlight those already established.