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On the Edge Group Show Sign Up


Thank you to everyone who signed up! Those 100 spots went so FAST! It must mean you love us. ♥
Keep an eye out for more details on the show as they develop!
THANK YOU!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

On the Edge

It seems only fitting that as we near the end of our journey with our beloved gallery that we invite you (and us) to reflect on transitions.

The very first show to open at Launch Pad was “Lift Off”, a show featuring lonely images of outer space travel and sparkly exploration. At the time, the space that the gallery inhabited was very, very raw, and the warehouse had mainly hosted wild theme parties and Burning Man-esque debauches, that while VERY artsy, were somewhat limited in their audience.

With Launch Pad, I wanted to make a space for beginning artists to share their work and cut their teeth, a place where we could learn together how to be more professional, how to reach more people, and what makes art a viable means of growing, communicating and sharing together, and I wanted it to be accessible to all types of people- freaks, outsiders, children, the art-naive, collectors, performers, musicians, curators- everyone. Over six years later, we have traveled deeper into the world of ideas, feeling and expression than I ever imagined we would through such a humble undertaking.

Now it’s time to transition to the next phase, to travel once again beyond what is familiar, beloved and known into new territory. The working title for this show was, “The Outer Limits”, and while a little corny, that title communicates some of what I hope you will bring to the work you submit to this show: while Launch Pad is closing, we are all continuing on our journey together into our personal and artistic futures- we are approaching the outer boundary of what can be done at Launch Pad, but I am confident that all of us will continue to grow and share together in the future, in other art spaces that we will assist in creating, and in our individual lives. We invite you to make work about a time you reached the cusp of something, a breaking point, a breakthrough, a new peak, a new low- and then dared to go further. Your interpretation of this theme is, as always, entirely up to you, and need be comprehensible only to you. The theme is a jumping off point- as it were, an edge from which to leap and potentially soar.

AND I know we are definitely on the edge of there not being enough time to do this show, so read below, sign up, and get working!!

Love, respect, and infinite gratitude,
Ben Pink, Launch Pad Founder
And the whole Launch Pad team, you included!


  • Show is limited to the first 100 artists who sign up
  • Artists at all levels of experience are welcome
  • One piece per artist only
  • Work can be in any media
  • Work doesn’t have to be for sale, but if it is, Launch Pad will take a commission of 40%
  • Work must not be more that 24” x 24” (preferably smaller- if everyone does the max size, it won’t all fit)
  • All 2D work must be SECURELY WIRED TO HANG– no clips, pins, tacks, glue, tape (see example here) and paint and glue must be DRY.
  • All 3D work must be delivered in a ready-to-show form, ie. If you need a base or pedestal, you have to think this through and make it happen; limited pedestals are available- contact the gallery if you need one.
  • Work is due at the gallery by Tuesday, July 3rd; there will be drop off days before hand as well, but late work cannot be accepted.
  • Artists will be expected to contribute a food item to the opening to share, as well as $10 to offset the cost of producing the show
  • All work must be picked up at the end of the show on July 29th– remember we are closing the gallery- don’t abandon your work!
  • All of this will be sent out to you again as the dates draw closer, along with other details!