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Secrets 2007 @ launch pad: A guide for the perplexed

Hey people! Here we are, the few(ish), the brave, the secretive!

Hey, what gives? I still have over ten pieces of work at the gallery needing to be picked up… the date at which it becomes mine has come and gone, but frankly, I don’t want it, I want you to come get it. Yes, you have been flaky, but let’s move forward and get your work returned to you regardless.

Hours we are open:
Tuesday-Friday, 3-6pm
Sunday, noon-3pm

You cannot retrieve your work from the gallery without arranging it in advance via email or phone.

contact ben pink:
971 227 0072
info {at} launchpadgallery (dot) org

All that paperwork was to keep track of your work and keep it safe– you will need to SIGN OUT your work when you pick it up, and there are only so many of us launchpadlings to do that with you.


The reality of the warehouse is that other people use it besides the gallery to make their living and it is disruptive for them to have people seeking their art asking them questions that they can’t answer during the wrong hours.

The last big group show left our warehouse mates wondering whether they still wanted us there. We’ve been doing great so far let’s keep it up!

Please help Launch Pad minimize our impact by coming ONLY during the listed hours.

ALSO: If you forgot your $5 when you dropped off your piece (you know who you are!!), please bring it in anytime during our open hours and ask the volunteer on duty to write it in the book. The Fire Marshall & OLCC permits have increased in cost by over 50%, dramatically increasing the costs of putting on this show, so your contribution is dearly needed. Thanks!

From the Call to Artists

Everyone is touched by them.
Each person carries with them some secret knowledge of who and what they are, what they have said and done, what they have seen and heard, what they love, fear and hope for.

This Open-Call, Salon-style group show is about visually exploring secrets of all kinds. We invite you to push your interpretation of what secrets are and what keeping something secret means. Your work need not be about a deep dark secret (although it certainly can be), it could be about a favorite secret place or a secret strength, a secret love, or maybe something so secret (or difficult to express) that it’s impossible to reveal. The end result will be a visual collage of work about secrets filling the whole gallery, and it will be truly awesome!

Each artist is invited to submit one piece of work in any media, and it’s connection to the theme need only to be clear to you, so feel free to be as abstract and/or personal as you like.