Launch Pad Gallery: Featuring the work of local emerging artists.


A Huge Salon-style group show about visually exploring secrets of all kinds

Everyone is touched by them. Each person carries with them some secret knowledge of who and what they are, what they have said and done, what they have seen and heard, what they love, fear and hope for.

This Open-Call, Salon-style group show is about visually exploring secrets of all kinds. Artists were invited to push your interpretation of what secrets are and what keeping something secret means.

Over 100 artists at all different levels of experience are participating in this show, providing one piece of work each; the roster includes some familiar faces from past Launch Pad shows, as well a many people who we’ve never met before; the end result is a diverse visual collage of work about secrets filling the whole gallery, and it is truly awesome!

The Opening was wonderful!!

Thank you to the whole Launch Pad Team for you hard work hanging the show, schlepping stuff all over the city, cleaning like it was going out of style, talking to people about the gallery and selling work at the opening. Special big thanks to Emily, Nina and Eliza for bartending like champs at the very last minute! We HEART you big time!

For those of you who missed this event, here’s the awesomeness that you missed:
DJ Dr Yes, DJ Dimon & live music guests TAH REI, Performance orchestrated by Gary Wiseman & friends, Handwriting analysis by expert Carly Boyer, as well as a a book table for Invision:A Collection of Visual Art in Portland Oregon, edited by Michael Fields, featuring awesome local artists including Tim Karpinski, showing in October at Launch Pad. You can order a copy here or find it various local retail outlets (email Mike for locations)

Don’t let September slip away without seeing the Secrets show- It’s our best group show ever!

Participating Artists:
(in alphabetical order- click on bold names for artist’s website)

Nicole Amore, Ingrid Attleson, Jan Baross, Matthew Barta, Carly Bodnar, David Brooks, Maggie Casey, Sara Cella, Natasia Chan, Sean Christensen, Jeff Copeland, Robin Corbo, Amber Corneliuson, Tara Cox, Kindra Crick, Liz Crisman, Krislyn Dillard, Tanja Djupedal, Jason Doize, William Donker, Virginia Driscoll, Eatcho, Tamara English, Sarah Farahat, Eleonore Farrell, Jaik Faulk, Michael Fields, Jennifer Forti, Jadene Fourman, Adrienne Fritze, Talus Fritze-Moor, Paul Fujita, Kaleb Gerlach, Michelle Gerlach, Julia Gfrorer, Jennifer Gleach, Leah Goldman, Marianna Gordon, Stephen Gorkii, Liana Grammenos, Diana Grappasonno, Chris Haberman, JunSeo Hahm, Kim Hamblin, Vicki Hammond, Jessica Hassler, Terence Healy, Micheal T. Hensley, Lauren Hobson, Theodore Holdt, Garry Hood, Sydney Hood, Sheridan Horning, Christine Jennings, Rochelle Koivunen, Ca-leb Lambides, Julia Laxer, Betsy LeVine, Michael Lindsey, BT Livermore, Paul Loverme, Ademar Matinian, Lisa Maurine, Shannon Mayorga, Sara McCormick, Bethany McCraw, Carolina Medina-Dupaix, Jaclyn Mercede, Jennifer Mercede, Paul Middendorf, Mo, Kirsten Moore, Dulcinea Myers-Newcomb, Jona Napier, Nerdletta, Lori Olds, Leanne Palmer, Daniel Papke, Corey Pearson, Mark Perry, Andrew Pinkowitz, Emily Pinkowitz, Rebecca Purcell, Mario Robert, Sandy Sampson, Mathew Schwartz, Mary Sharp, Katie Simpson, Scott Smith, Jerry Soga , Kirk Solberg, River Soma, Jay Stewart, David Stein, Joseph Thiebes, Jean Margaret, Anna Todaro, Zhanna Tsytsyn, Jacob Vercouteren, Martha Wallulis, Leslie Waygren, Brent Wear, Damien Webb, Julianna A.B. Weir, Alisha Wessler, Gary Wiseman, Jenn Woodward, Tom Yody, Carol Yarrow

Secrets Showcard- Post opening

Selected Pieces

click thumbnail for a full-size view.

Secrets Showcard- Post opening
Secrets Showcard- Post opening
Secrets Email Showcard
Secrets Email Showcard