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New works by Rio Wrenn & Dari Stolzoff

Curated by Jennifer Porter, Chroma, LLC

MARCH 2nd, 2012

Music by Dan Ness


“…A dream state hung by cords of reality
A mysterious meditation into a new astral perspective
The past inside the present
Woven toward the future.”

Rio Wrenn

In the waking world everything seems real. But in a dream state there are symbols and hints of reality. Grasping for the meanings can be tricky, and just when the mind can wrap around them new symbols will emerge.

The subconscious will allow for truth to be revealed. But what is this the truth?
How we see ourselves in others eyes,
What we expect from ourselves,
how everything we do affects something else,
what we see and hear……

This show is a record of time and space that I have personally moved through. A chain of thought and a diary that tells a story in symbols.
Suspended in a dream state or in reality just to catch a breath.

This suspension can only last for so long before the threads of life spin another web.


My rusting process is an expression of the ephemeral and the natural aging and decay of all things. Life cannot exist without the aging process: birth is eventually and inevitably followed by death. Though the process blurs over time, a record of the existence of things past is contained in the earth. It is in this record where my work begins. Using natural processes, I hasten the rusting and oxidation of the mundane tools, objects and industrial metal pieces common to people’s daily lives by creating a physical record of their decay in silk and other fine fabrics. Metaphors for the fragile skin of all things living, the silks bear a record of life itself.

In the soils of their former inhabitants the detritus and castoff objects of life slowly decay and dissolve into the earth. They are my treasures. The buried iron and copper, the plants and insects decay and create the colors that bleed and stain the silks. Time sets the colors produced by heat and decomposition.

The objects of human existence lie in the soil’s strata and integrate humans and the earth. Like all of the objects of our existence we too are eventually interred. Ancient rituals and practices were founded in the wonder and awe of this reality. Thus, the act of creation has always been a sacred ritual unto itself. Creating is telling a story. The creator is the both the shaman, the spider and the artist.

Dari Stolzoff

Realm of tenuous safety
Realm of creativity, traversed on the wings of artistry
The slice out of reality
Between entering and leaving the sanctity of the studio space
A state of dangerous meditation
Dangerous for what is left out threatens the state:
What is dis-/un-covered
Undesirable answers

To quote Pink Floyd’s album, “A Momentary Lapse of Reason”


Living and working in Washington State, Dari Stolzoff is a painter inspired by the natural world. Using such materials as oil, gesso, ink, and a handmade wax mixture on both paper and canvas, the artist emphasizes texture and the relationships of space, masses, lyricism, and the personal response of the viewer who ultimately enters and experiences these abstract spaces created. Scale is considered as its variants in self-similar shapes lends visual interest to the work, divided also by plastic lines. Stolzoff’s travels worldwide have also influenced her art, synthesized into motifs and repeated in the color palettes drawn from the memories of the visited environments.

Dari Stolzoff works are collected in prominent collections nationwide. Her work has won awards and been accepted in juried exhibits and auctions. The artist has exhibited in Oregon, Washington, and New York.

Selected Pieces

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Dari Stolzoff
Dari Stolzoff
Dari Stolzoff
Dari Stolzoff
Rio Wrenn
Rio Wrenn
Rio Wrenn
Rio Wrenn